Obagi Tretenoin and Obagi Blender: Products for fire fighting skin conditions

You may have heard of many people using Obagi Tretenoin or Obagi Blender to take care of their skin problems. If you visit a dermatologist with a skin condition such as acne, it is highly likely that he is going to prescribe Obagi skin care products. Skin care products from Obagi have become very popular over the years because people have greatly benefited from their use. Obagi has a whole range of skin care products that not only take care of specific conditions such as acne, they also help in improving the texture and appearance of your skin even after you have suffered from severe skin conditions.

Fight acne with Obagi Tretenoin

If you are suffering from acne conditions you can consider using Obagi Tretenoin. The good thing about Obagi Tretenoin is that is works nearly on everybody, unless and until you have skin that is extremely sensitive. Since Obagi is a trusted name in skin care products, you can use it without any fear of having side effects and causing irreparable damage to your skin.

Tretenoin is an acidic form of vitamin A called a retinoid. It works by accelerating production of new skin cells, causing whiteheads and blackheads to be removed along with the dead layers of skin. This action also works to prevent the formation of new blemishes. This cream penetrates through the various layers of your skin and renews cells. As a result, acne is stopped right at the root and your acne problem is taken care of, once and for all. Dermatologists recommend that you use this cream every alternate night just before you go to bed.

Make sure that your face is washed and cleaned before the application of Obagi Tretenoin. Use only a little bit of the cream and avoid areas such as corners of the eyes, under the nose or wounds that are open. If applied in such places, it may cause some skin irritation.

Use Obagi Blender with Obagi Tretenoin for better results

Some dermatologists recommend the use of Blender along with Tretenoin. It has been proved that people who have used Blender in conjunction with Tretenoin have witnessed excellent results. Not only has acne disappeared, it has left their skin looking much lighter and healthier. Dark spots too have considerably lightened thanks to the use of these two products together.

The basic function of the Obagi Blender is to improve the elasticity of your skin and boosts collagen. The Obagi Blender has ingredients such as lactic acid, glycerine and hydroquinone. Though these are chemicals, each of these ingredients has a specific role to play. Lactic acid for instance acts as a skin softener and promotes the regeneration of cells. Hydroquinone on the other hand is responsible for the lightening of the skin and takes care of scar discolouration, while glycerine serves as a moisture preserver and is responsible for keeping your skin well hydrated.

The Obagi Blender is a product that gives you a nice feeling and does not make your skin feel too heavy. If you use this product continuously for at least two weeks at a stretch, you are bound to see the results. Dermatologists mostly recommend the use of Obagi Blender with Obagi Tretenoin. These are two skin care products that can help you fight acne and also leave you with better looking skin.